We Headline the Top Verdicts in New York’s Toughest Cases

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We Headline the Top Verdicts in New York’s Toughest Cases

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We are New York’s personal injury firm. And huge verdicts are our byline

New York Personal Injury Lawyer

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Justin and his team works tirelessly until we received an incredible outcome. Very professional and fights for his clients.​

Excellent firm! Won my case. Justin’s passion is the primary reason I went with them and It was the right decision.​

Excellent Professional service, they are with you every step of the way and will fight for your rights!!! This is a great firm, Justin Blitz is the finest attorney and he will make sure you get the best results! This firm is prompt and attentive and makes sure your concerns are addressed. They are honest and upfront about your case. Thank you!

Several years ago I was misdiagnosed persistently by the same Dr and the emergency room at the hospital the Dr was associated with only to later wind up in emergency surgery. I was referred to Justin Blitz to review the case. It was not a huge case as measured by potential monetary settlement, but he treated it professionally and achieved a great result for my family.

Our experience with Justin was A+. He guided us through our experience every step of the way so that we were comfortable and knew what to expect with each phase. This practice was extremely professional and very responsive.

Justin was an incredible resource; insightful, supportive, responsible and trustworthy and the team couldn't have been more professional and accommodative. Five stars.

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