$17.25 Million Settlement for Boiler Explosion

In August 2014, two people were injured and ultimately died as a result of a boiler explosion at their home caused by a leak in the propane lines.  One of the people who died was a 23-year-old young woman who suffered horrific burns as a result of the explosion and ultimately died as a result of her injuries two weeks after the incident took place.  Blitz Law Group represented her father in the lawsuit that was brought against the propane company that was responsible for this tragedy.  The young woman’s mother also suffered severe burns and died from her injuries.  Five other family members were also present when the explosion took place and suffered burns and significant psychological injuries.

Because the incident took place in Pennsylvania, Blitz Law Group co-counseled with one of Philadelphia’s premier law firms to assist in litigating the case.  Many allegations of negligence were asserted against the propane company, including that they failed to conduct a pressure test subsequent to refilling propane tanks at our client’s daughter’s residence.

The lawsuit was very complex and required the retention of multiple expert witnesses to prove that the propane company was at fault.  These experts included a propane consultant, a mechanical engineer, a forensic pathologist, an economist, a fire code consultant and a metallurgist.  Over thirty depositions were held in the course of more than three years of litigation.

The case was recently settled at mediation for $17,250,000 on behalf of the plaintiffs.