$180,000 for shoulder injury from defective sidewalk

$675,000 Settlement for Woman Injured When Car Got Stuck on Raised Pothole

Schulman Blitz, LLP’s client, a grandfather and owner of an auto body shop in Astoria, was on his way to his sister’s apartment when he tripped and fell on a broken sidewalk in front of a hotel.

As a result of the fall, he tore the rotator cuff in his shoulder, requiring a surgical repair which included the insertion of surgical anchors. During the course of the litigation, Schulman Blitz, LLP was able to prove that the sidewalk defect that caused our client to fall existed for at least 9 years before the accident took place and the hotel’s owners took no steps to try to repair the defect. page6image11752 page6image11912

Shortly before the trial was scheduled to begin, Stephanie Mastrocola, Esq. and Justin Blitz, Esq. settled the case at an out of court mediation for $180,000 with the insurance company for the hotel.