$200,000 for Woman Who Trips on Defective Concrete Sidewalk Paver

Our client, a married woman who lives in the Bronx, was on her way to work as a paralegal at a Manhattan law firm.  She had crossed over Park Avenue and took one step onto the sidewalk when she tripped and fell on a loose concrete paver which caused her to fall and land on her knee.  As a result, she tore various ligaments in her knee.

Blitz Law Group commenced litigation against the owners and managing agents of the adjoining property, for allowing the concrete paver to be in a defective, loose and dangerous condition.  During the course of the defendants’ depositions, we were able to get the property manager to admit that the building had previously replaced the concrete paver that caused our client’s accident.

While in the middle of the deposition of the plaintiff, Stephanie Mastrocola, Esq.  procured a settlement in the amount of $200,000, thereby fairly compensating our client for the injuries that she sustained.