$200,000 settlement for woman who tripped on sidewalk barricade

$250,000 For Bicyclist Who Struck Sign In Central Park

On October 2, 2018, our client had just left a rehearsal studio in the Times Square area of Manhattan.  She was intending to walk home when she tripped on the extended prong of a metal barricade that had been positioned in an L-shape on the sidewalk in front of the  entrance to a theater. The barricades had been put there in an attempt to prevent people from interacting with any performers that might be exiting the back door of the theater.  


As our client was walking by, she did not see the barricade’s leg protruding out, and her foot got caught, causing her to trip and fall. Police officers came to the scene and called an ambulance, which transported her to Lenox Hill Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a fracture of her knee and underwent surgery consisting of an open reduction and internal fixation. 



Justin Blitz, Esq. was able to procure a settlement for our client for $190,000 within six months of the accident date and without having to bring a lawsuit, fairly compensating our client for the injuries that she sustained.