$250,000 for Rear-end Car Crash

Our client was driving to her job as a supervisor at the United States Postal Service when her vehicle was in a car crash as she was rear-ended by a car on the Long Island Expressway.  The driver of the car that struck our client’s vehicle told the police that he was unable to slow down in time to avoid the collision.  Our client was taken from the scene by ambulance to North Shore University Hospital with severe neck pain. MRIs showed herniations to her neck at the C5-C6 disc level. Despite undergoing multiple epidural steroid injections, our client did not have any relief from her pain. As such, she underwent surgery to her neck which consisted of an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion at the C5-C6 level. During the surgery, a plate and pins were inserted, and a bone graft was performed using bone harvested from another part of her body.

Blitz Law Group brought a lawsuit against the driver and owner of the car that rear-ended our client’s vehicle.  Following the completion of depositions, Stephanie Mastrocola, Esq. procured the total amount of insurance coverage available and settled our client’s case for $250,000, providing our client with much-deserved compensation.