$298,000 for Woman Who Fell on Ice Created by Negligent Neighbor

ice sidewalk

On December 18, 2019, our client, an executive at Sony Music, slipped and fell on ice. She fell as she was walking on the sidewalk next to her neighbor’s house in Queens, New York. The ice had formed as a result of water that her neighbor was negligently pumping out of his basement. The neighbor had been using a sump pump to remove the water from his basement onto his driveway. The water then flowed onto the sidewalk. The water froze overnight and turned the sidewalk into a sheet of ice.

When she slipped on the ice, our client fell to the ground, landing on her knee. An ambulance transported her to a nearby emergency room, where an x-ray confirmed that she had ruptured her patella (kneecap) and would require surgery.

The surgery consisted of an open reduction and internal fixation of our client’s comminuted patellar fracture. The surgery included the insertion of various metal plates and screws into our client’s knee.

Shortly after the lawsuit was commenced, Justin Blitz, Esq. was able to procure a settlement for $298,000 from the neighbor’s insurance company. The settlement provided compensation and justice for our client’s injury.