$360,000 for passenger injured on bus


Schulman Blitz, LLP’s client was a passenger on a BoltBus that was traveling from Baltimore to New York City. As the bus was exiting the Manhattan side of the Lincoln Tunnel, it collided with a car, dragging the car against the side of the tunnel exit wall.

As a result of the impact with the car, our client was thrown into the stairwell of the bus, severely injuring her shoulder and knee. Our client’s knee injury required arthroscopic surgical repair, as did her shoulder injury.

Arrow showing a SLAP tear
Arrow showing a SLAP tear

Our client tore her biceps tendon and rotator cuff tendon developing a “frozen” shoulder. She required arthroscopic surgery to repair her SLAP lesion in her shoulder.


After the completion of depositions, Schulman Blitz’s senior associate Stephanie Mastrocola, Esq. settled our client’s cases for $360,000 with the insurance company for the car and BoltBus.