$400,000 for pedestrian struck by bicycle delivery boy

$375,000 Settlement for Construction Site Injury

Our client, a retired physician, was a pedestrian in Manhattan. She was waiting to cross the street when she was struck by a delivery boy for a restaurant who was traveling in the opposite direction of traffic on a bicycle.

As a result, she sustained multiple facial fractures, including fractures to her maxillary bones, nasal bones and pterygoid plates. She required surgery, which included the implantation of hardware into her face to correct the fractures. She has permanent bilateral partial paresthesia of the second division of the trigeminal nerve as well as a malocclusion. The case was settled by Fred Schulman, Esq. for $400,000 at a mediation shortly before trial.

After many years of engaging in extensive delay tactics and denying responsibility, the insurance company for the restaurant ultimately admitted that their delivery person was riding his bicycle in a dangerous and negligent manner and paid the settlement.