Blitz Law Group, LLP Secures $1.5 Million Settlement in Wrongful Death Case Against Upstate New York Hospital

Blitz Law Group, LLP, renowned for handling personal injury cases throughout the entire state of New York, is thrilled to announce the successful resolution of a deeply tragic case. Our client, a 38-year-old man, tragically lost his life after being improperly discharged from an upstate New York, Albany area hospital. He leaves behind his loving wife and three young children. 
The heart-wrenching incident unfolded when our client sought medical attention for chest pains. Despite displaying abnormal troponin levels—a crucial indicator of heart muscle damage—he was prematurely sent home from the hospital. Tragically, he suffered a heart attack later that evening.

A troponin test, measuring troponin T or troponin I proteins in the blood, assists in assessing heart damage and determining the severity of a heart attack. 

Blitz Law Group took swift action on behalf of the estate, filing a lawsuit against the hospital and attending physician responsible for the premature discharge, which ultimately led to our client’s untimely death.

For three arduous years Justin Blitz engaged in extensive litigation. Neither defendant offered a settlement, necessitating the case to proceed to trial at the Albany Supreme Court. 
However, just days before the trial, Mr. Blitz secured a settlement of $1.5 million. While no amount of compensation can ever replace the irreplaceable loss suffered by our client’s family, we hope that the financial support provided by the settlement will aid in ensuring a stable future for the three young children growing up without their father. 
Blitz Law Group remains steadfast in its commitment to seeking justice for victims and their families. With unwavering determination, our experienced legal team continues to fight for fair compensation in personal injury cases throughout New York, offering solace and support during life’s most challenging moments.