Schulman Blitz, LLP Settlement For Accident Leaving Gas Station

In June 2015 our client was a passenger in a car that was turning on 155th Street onto Broadway in upper Manhattan when their car was struck on the passenger side by another vehicle that was exiting a gas station.

Our client, employed as a private investigator, was taken by ambulance to the emergency room and ended up suffering with herniations to his lumbar and cervical spine along with a meniscal tear in his knee that required arthroscopic surgery for repair.

Thomas Schiro, Esq. of Schulman Blitz, LLP was able to settle our clients case for the entire underlying limits of the injury policy and thankfully, our client had SUM coverage (What is SUM? See below.), which Mr. Schiro was able to procure the limits of on our client’s behalf. 

Supplemental Underinsured Motorist Coverage (SUM) is a portion of your policy that covers you and your resident relatives up to the amount of coverage you purchase.

This means that if the person who causes a car accident is uninsured, there is still coverage for you and your household relatives, up to the amount of coverage you purchase.

This also means that if the person who causes an accident is underinsured, there may be additional coverage available up to the amount of your rider.

The SUM Coverage limit can’t be higher than your bodily injury liability limits. If you have an accident, your SUM Coverage limit will be reduced by any liability insurance or bond payments made by a negligent motorist. SUM Coverage applies if you have an accident in the State of New York or out-of-state.

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