Woman in Taxi Struck by Van Settles Case for $455,000

When our client decides to do some grocery shopping at Whole Foods, she has no idea that this visit to the store would change her life significantly. Because her groceries are too heavy for her to carry home, she hails a taxi to take her to her apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

While traveling along Third Avenue, the taxi that our client was a passenger in was struck by a van. The van turns into the taxi’s lane at a high rate of speed. The van smashes the taxi in the intersection. Our client goes by ambulance from the scene of the crash to the emergency room. She later follows up with an orthopedist who orders MRI tests. The MRIs showed tears to our client’s knee and shoulder, both of which required surgery to repair.

Shortly before the trial, Justin Blitz, Esq. settles her case for $455,000, that provides our client with just compensation for her significant injuries.