$300,000 For Westchester Pedestrian Struck By Car

Our client had just parked and exited her car on Main Street in Mount Kisco when she was stuck by a car.

As a result, our client suffered two fractured vertebrae, a fractured clavicle, several fractured ribs and a hemothorax, and was required to undergo multiple surgeries and extensive medical treatment. Prior to filing a lawsuit, Fred Schulman, Esq. settled the case with the insurance company for the car that struck our client for the maximum amount of available insurance that the vehicle had, $100,000.

Thereafter, we made a claim to our client’s Supplementary Underinsured Motorist (S.U.M.) coverage and Fred Schulman, Esq. settled that claim for an additional $200,000, the maximum amount of available S.U.M. insurance.