$315,000 Settlement for Injury due to Inattentive Bus Driver

$325,000 For Woman Injured In Car Accident

Our client was on a MTA bus in the Bronx on her way to work.  As she was exiting the bus, the bus driver activated the mechanism that converts the bus’s steps to a wheelchair ramp without realizing that our client was standing on the steps.  Our client’s foot was crushed as it got caught in the steps while it was being converted to the wheelchair ramp. The entire incident was caught on the surveillance cameras inside the bus.

Our client was taken to Lincoln Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a fractured foot and a torn meniscus in her knee which ultimately required surgery.
We sued the MTA, who vigorously defended the bus driver in a contentious litigation.  On the eve of trial, Justin Blitz, Esq. settled our client’s case for $315,000.