Blitz Law Group Obtains $450,000 for Church Pastor Involved in Multi-car Pile Up on the George Washington Bridge

On June 22, 2015, our 33-year-old client was driving his SUV on the lower level of the George Washington Bridge on his way to church when he was involved in a four-car crash. The crash occurred while our client, who was wearing his seat belt, was stopped in traffic in the middle lane of the bridge.  While stopped, our client’s car was struck in the rear by another vehicle, which had by struck in the rear by the vehicle behind it at a high rate of speed.  The impact caused our client’s car to smash into the car in front of him, causing significant damage to all 4 of the cars involved.

As a result, our client severely injured his lumbar spine, which required him to undergo a spinal fusion surgery.

The surgery consisted of an anterior “retroperitoneal radical discectomy” at our client’s L4-L5 disc level with placement of a perimeter cage, infuse bone graft and allograft with fusion, and placement of pyramid plate and screws.

Blitz Law Group initially brought a lawsuit on our client’s behalf in the Supreme Court, Bronx County but as a result of a motion made by the defendant’s attorneys, the case was transferred to Supreme Court, Richmond County (Staten Island).

After extensive litigation, and shortly before jury selection was set to begin Justin Blitz, Esq. settled the case for $450,000.