Blitz Law Group Settles Case for Miracle Survivors of Helicopter Crash

helicopter crash

In what was described by local media outlets as a “miracle,” two clients were passengers on a helicopter that crashed to the ground and lived to tell about it. On December 14, 2019, our clients (both of whom are college students from Brooklyn) were vacationing in San Antonio, Texas, and decided to take a scenic helicopter tour of the city. Within minutes of takeoff, the helicopter’s engine failed, causing it to descend rapidly. The helicopter struck multiple power lines before crashing onto a busy roadway.

After the helicopter crashed to the ground, our clients were transported by ambulances from the scene to a local emergency room.

As a result of the crash, one of our clients sustained injuries to her hand, neck and back. X-rays confirmed fractures to her fifth metacarpal head compatible with a “boxer’s fracture” and MRIs confirmed several disc bulges of her cervical and lumbar spines. Our other client also injured his back as a result of the crash, sustaining a disc herniation in his lumbar spine that required a series of epidural steroid injections.

Stephanie Mastrocola, Esq. was able to procure confidential settlements for our clients with the insurance company for the helicopter tour company prior to commencing a lawsuit, providing both of our clients with just compensation for their injuries.