NYC Wrongful Death FAQs

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Losing a loved one is a profoundly painful experience, and when that loss is due to someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions, it can be even more devastating. If you find yourself in such a situation in Manhattan, New York, you likely have many questions about your rights and what steps to take. In this article, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about wrongful death cases in NYC.

What Is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death occurs when a person’s life is taken due to the negligent or intentional actions of another party. These actions could include car accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, and more. In these cases, the surviving family members may have the right to seek compensation for their losses.

Who Can File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit In Manhattan, NY?

In Manhattan, New York, the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit typically falls to the decedent’s estate, and the appointed personal representative or executor takes on this responsibility. The compensation awarded in such cases is intended to benefit the surviving family members, such as spouses, children, and parents.

What Damages Can Be Recovered In A Wrongful Death Case?

Damages in a wrongful death case can vary depending on the circumstances, but they often include:

Medical expenses: Any medical bills incurred by the deceased person before their passing.

Funeral and burial costs: Expenses related to the funeral and burial or cremation.

Lost income: Compensation for the earnings the deceased would have provided to their family had they survived.

Loss of companionship and emotional distress: Damages for the emotional suffering experienced by the surviving family members.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations For Wrongful Death Cases In Manhattan, NY?

In Manhattan, New York, the statute of limitations for wrongful death cases is generally two years from the date of the individual’s death. It’s crucial to consult with an experienced Manhattan, NY wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss the deadline for filing your claim.

Do All Wrongful Death Cases Go To Trial?

No, not all wrongful death cases go to trial. Many cases are resolved through negotiation and settlement before reaching the courtroom. However, having an experienced wrongful death attorney on your side is essential to ensure you receive fair compensation, whether through a settlement or a trial.

How Can Blitz Law Group, LLP Assist You?

At Blitz Law Group, LLP, we understand the immense emotional and legal challenges that wrongful death cases bring. Our compassionate team of Manhattan, NY wrongful death lawyers is here to provide you with the support and guidance you need during this difficult time.

If you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We offer a free consultation to discuss your situation and explore your legal options. You don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Contact Blitz Law Group, LLP today, and let us help you seek justice and compensation for your loss.